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Ambition: −5 Years of separatism. Bharat is a formable country representing a united Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist India. It can be formed by any Indian culture state that is Hindu, Sikh, Theravada, Vajrayana, or Mahayana. Indian Muslims may form Hindustan instead. Bharat obtains new national ideas when formed.It was last verified for version 1.33. The Teutonic Order is a theocracy situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Formed during the Third Crusade, the Teutonic Knights were at times based in Acre and, after the expulsion of the Crusaders from the Holy Land, in Hungarian-Transylvania, before finding renewed purpose in the Polish-backed Prussian ...1. Award. scotsoe. • 6 yr. ago. It depends on what you want. Without a goal it's mostly the usual suspects: Diplo or Influence to avoid coalitions, defensive for a early morale boost, quality to improve both army and navy, trade because you're in Italy and money is great, admin to blob (though you can't do it in Italy, really) 1. Award ...

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The Most Serene Republic of Venice is a merchant republic, and a dominant trade power in the Mediterranean.Historically, the republic grew rich from trade with the bordering empires. The trade with …Bus Speed - Bus speed refers to how much data can move across the bus simultaneously. Learn all about buses and what they do, from the front side bus to the ATA bus. Advertisement ...6. Espionage. Yes, espionage ideas. While regarded as a meme idea group for a long time, recent changes have made them significantly stronger than before. The peculiarity of the group is that it barely provides any direct bonuses to your military or economy.When filling out military idea groups, do not fall behind on military tech. Keep advancing to the next level when the penalty runs out and fill out the ideas with spare points. It's usually recommended to fill out admin and diplo idea groups before advancing to the next level of tech. It's fine to fall behind on admin or diplo tech as most of ...Feeding the ottomans to Byzantium will just make me stronger as well. Aragon usually benefits from a military idea group because it doesn't have Castile's morale of armies idea. Trade is also a strong choice. It still has 10% but i think OP going to for Spain either way.I expect the other best tradition would be province warscore cost. First idea I think should be warscore cost vs other religions. From there I don't think it matters as much, but some strong options would be -10 years of sep, -2 national unrest, +2 tolerance of heathens etc. Siege ability and movement speed are good options too. Admin ...Burgundy's idea is more focused on economy and mercenary while having good diplomacy, so a small Burgundy could do many style as you want. Economic ideas is a powerful idea group allowing the player to build a strong economy just to be prosperous . Influence ideas allows you a vassal swarm as well as getting faster inheritance from your …In general, economic - quality - offensive works for most nations. Economic helps you get manufactories up faster, gives you a natural inflation decay, quality gets you 5% discipline and another policy that gives you 5% discipline, offensive gives you 2 leader pips, 5% discipline and 20% siege. With these 3 policies you can curbstomp much ...Everyone knows how important the choice of idea groups is in Europa Universalis IV. Aside from your national ideas, idea groups are the main way you can shape your playstyle.Siam is a formable nation that can be formed by any nation is in the Siamese culture group. Ayutthaya can form Siam with the mission Royal Absolutism if the Leviathan DLC is enabled, however, this takes exceptionally long - deep into the 1600s - as it requires development of 500 and absolutism of 75. A materially faster alternative is to form Siam …Florida is easiest formed by nations suited to colonization, like Portugal.Portugal is most ideal due to the fact Castile is typically friendly, lending it to free protection. Additionally, Florida is easier to form on because the land needed to be colonized to form it is coastal and likely one of the first parts of the new world to be …France is a kingdom located in Western Europe, in the French Region, and could be one of the most (if not the most) interesting and entertaining nations to play in EUIV due to its powerful military and amount of flavor events. France allows for the player to make mistakes with usually limited consequences. Due to its military and sheer size ...This Idea Group is certainly going to help you make money, much like its name suggests. That being said, almost all of its potential lies in the Idea finisher. The Dev cost reduction. Currently, the META for EU4 is to stack as many dev cost modifiers as possible, in order to develop your provinces as cheaply as possible. The reason for this?It may need further formatting or rewriting. Mercenary idea group events [1] are the part of the idea group events which require to have unlocked the mercenary idea group .Tell me another idea that gives a policy as strong as +20% goods produced. Manpower and manpower recovery speed work multiplicatively together. Before nerf it wasn't 50% extra recruits, it was 1,5 * 1,2 = 1,8 80% extra men (if you didn't have other modifiers). Now it's only 1,25 * 1,2 = 1,5 50% extra men.Get ratings and reviews for the top 12 lawn companies in Warren, OH. Helping you find the best lawn companies for the job. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home All Projects Feature...Mewar is a somewhat misleading nation that at first glance may seem like a fairly minor nation in the grand scheme of things in India. However, Mewar starts with the only gold mine in the entire subcontinent, and has excellent military-focused national ideas as well as a mission tree that grants permanent claims over most of Northern India.In Mp Quantity-Economic-Quality is the way to go, than either Trade or Inno/Religious. If your goal is conquering as much as possible I'd ignore being colonial, it's better to let Spain and Portugal handle that and then use your mission tree for PU on Spain and either PU or conquer Portugal. Idea wise I'd highly recommend admin for reduced ...Still a really fun idea group to take, great for making 6-6 generals and space-marines. Trade. EU4's trade system is complicated and not overly well understood by a lot of its playerbase (just ask reddit if you should collect in your home node). Trade ideas are an (almost) idiot-proof way of dominating your home node and raking in the ducats.Start going hard into militairy ideas. Best choice depends on policies but avoid defensive and qaunity. Build trade company investment for force limit if you need more. Defensive only give morale. once you have 2 under your belt and policy active it is time to betray (hopefully) the castillian (maybe) or the spanish.Updated May 19, 2022 by Ryan Bamsey: Europa Universalis 4 receives updates pretty consistently, and the balance of power changes pretty drastically every now and then. We've taken another look at the Idea Groups in EU4 and made sure this article is still accurate.Strategy. The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Tokugawa. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players. The Tokugawa clan begins in Mikawa and really meek at the beginning. One should always keep army maintenance low until as close as possible to war (by looking …Spain is ranked in the top 5 of best military focused nations in the game by Zlewwik. Castile is good militarily in the early game because they directly start with +15% morale of armies. Army tradition decay is nice but not the best modifier. Economically, Castile gets +10% production efficiency.

First, uncheck the 'compress' option when saving a file. Then, open the save in notepad++. There will be a line with >20 numbers. Each number represents an option. You will need to change one of those numbers. I'm not at my PC right now, but Ill update this with more specifics when I get back.This is a guide on eu4 idea groups. In this video I'll tell you how should you choose ideas, will tell everything about every idea group, tell you their purp...Hindustan is a formable country representing a unified India under native Muslim rule. Despite the name, only Muslim states may form it ( Hind is the Persian name for India, from Avestan Hapta Hindu, meaning "Seven Rivers." Hence "Hindi" is an ethnic and geographic identifier, not a religious one. The suffix -stan means place/land in Persian).If you want to go colonial as Castile you should go explo, expansion, religious, Diplo, trade, admin (trust me you don't need a mil idea in singleplayer, it's just a waste) . There are other admin and Diplo idea groups that are just way too important to justify a mil idea. If you want to go and focus on Europe you should rather play as Aragon ...

First, uncheck the 'compress' option when saving a file. Then, open the save in notepad++. There will be a line with >20 numbers. Each number represents an option. You will need to change one of those numbers. I'm not at my PC right now, but Ill update this with more specifics when I get back.Novgorod was the original capital of the Rus, until it was transferred to Kiev in 882. After the Novgorodian uprising of 1136 against its prince, Vsevolod Mstislavich, a unique form of government, known as "boyar republic" or "merchant republic", was established in the city. The Novgorodian republic gradually expanded north and east, and ...If you want to go colonial as Castile you should go explo, expansion, religious, Diplo, trade, admin (trust me you don't need a mil idea in singleplayer, it's just a waste) . There are other admin and Diplo idea groups that are just way too important to justify a mil idea. If you want to go and focus on Europe you should rather play as Aragon ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called “Why Wou. Possible cause: What are The Best Idea Groups for Byzantium in EU4? Playing as Byzantium in E.

After decades of rising, the amount of clothing the US consumes abruptly hit a wall. The 1990s were a clothes shopping spree for Americans. At the start of the decade, the US consu...Spread the Northern Style. −10% Idea cost. Regularized Contributions. +20% Provincial trade power modifier. Ambition: +20% Trade steering. The cities of Lübeck, Bremen, and Hamburg are all members of the venerable Hanseatic League, a once-mighty confederation of trade interests along the Baltic Sea which has since fallen on hard times.

You didn't mention the best part of the Diplomatic idea group: reduced stability hits from diplomatic actions. Perfect for Austria because it makes hunting for PUs much easier because you can cancel the marriage with only a -1 prestige hit if they get an heir. 9.Idea Two: I'm going to change my mind on this one. While Poland has tons and tons of elderly rulers (if you take the PU) and the stab cost really helps and while war Exhaustion decrease is under-appreciated. Idea cost reduction is nice, but it saves you about 2000 mana for the whole game.Good first ideas. What are the best picks for first ideas? I tend to go economic but I'm not sure if that's a better choice for third or second ideas.

Westphalia is a formable nation in North Germ It means I get almost all of the Hindustani cultured provinces that Mughals will get -10% CCR from for practically nothing, so I can conquer faster once I am the Mughals. Timurids mission tree gives loads of Admin mana as a reward, so my Government Focus is on Diplo points after I get to Tech 5. Reply. Advice on England/Great Britain ideas. I want to play anIn this video titled EU4 1.36 Florence Guide - The The -25% General cost, -5% dev cost, and manpower/leader siege are just icing on the cake. Add that with the cost reduction from Polish idea, loyal/influential Cossacks, trading in livestock, and Econ-Aristocratic policy, you can hit the 5 ducat cavalry cost, making your cavalries much cheaper than your infantries, throwing away the cost ...Get a humiliate and use the special Denmark age power to give them the -30% LD, or put all your extra admin in their cheapest dev, it'll be yours anyway soon. start off with influence for the vassal bonusses. then you will want a military idea. defensive is probably best but something's to be said for offensive, quantity, and maybe even quality ... Historically, the Roman Empire was the dominant great Get ratings and reviews for the top 12 gutter guard companies in Junction City, KS. Helping you find the best gutter guard companies for the job. Expert Advice On Improving Your Ho... Electors are orange. Free cities are blue. Dark green are ITell me another idea that gives a policy as strong as Share. but_you_said. • 2 yr. ago. Yea the reason I IDEA SLOTS+. Subscribe. Subscribed. Unsubscribe In 1 collection by Veridis Quo [EU4] All of my mods ... [EU4] All of my mods. 10 items. Description. Current Game Version Compatibility: 1.37.* versions of the game. Reference: I’ve Inspired from: More Idea Groups (1.31 fix) mod . What does this mod? - It increases idea limit from 8 up to 12, so … 10) Offensive. Offensive, like the name s r/CrusaderKings. Crusader Kings is a historical grand strategy / RPG game series for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S developed & published by Paradox Development Studio. Engage in courtly intrigue, dynastic struggles, and holy warfare in mediæval Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, the steppes and Tibet. The purpose of this list is to provide suggestions for[Research suggests that following a diet with fishChange things around if necessary. Diplo beca Idea 2: it's also free money. Idea 3: vital to a loan-focused strategy, useful for anyone. Idea 4: same as idea 3. Idea 5: lower autonomy across the whole empire is really helpful, especially before Age of Absolutism when you use Raise Autonomy to fight unrest. Ideas 6 and 7: see Ideas 1 and 2.Hungary has plenty of farmlands and grasslands, and the Hungarian missions grant you some benefits to this playstyle: construction cost, idea cost, dev cost in Pest. One of these missions improves the Biblioteca Corviniana great project to level 1, but if it is already level 1 or above then it only gives you +2 tax.